Myles Bayliss

3004 8210 |

Inspired by his passion for helping others, Myles was attracted to James Conomos Lawyers as a legal firm that is responsive to client needs and exploring alternatives, rather than immediately pursuing litigation. Since joining the JCL team in 2018, he has developed into a capable and considerate lawyer who consistently achieves effective outcomes without recourse to the courts.

Equipped with a commercial mindset and a practical approach to the law, understanding his clients, their business values and future directions is one of Myles’ favourite parts of his role. He is personally committed to working with you to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your business, and you can expect him to keep you up to date, to be flexible in his approach and to manage your matter efficiently.

Myles is also a regular contributor to legal publications, and his depth of knowledge into topical legal developments and debates is highly valued by his clients.

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